Baby-Led at 9 Months

Art will be 9 months old on Thursday, who stole the last 3 months?

First taste of jelly

Tonight we had jelly for the first time! He managed it pretty well considering it was very squishy jelly (baby-friendly jelly recipe made with orange juice and gelatine). We also had vegetable casserole with dumplings for tea, first time he’s had dumplings and he really seemed to enjoy them.

Art now picks up food, takes a bite, chews and swallows, then takes another bite. He chooses the correct hand hold for the type of food, so pincer grip for peas (and boy does he love peas!), fistfuls for mash and fingers and thumb for things like toast. The picture on the right shows how he eats a lot of food, he picks it up, then pushes it from the inside of his fist up to the top, so that it pokes out, or pops into his mouth. His eating skills remind us of tribal people we’ve seen in documentaries, where they’re eating with hands, very skilled. Makes you wonder what extra skills we’re giving to our child that he wouldn’t necessarily gain.

He sips from a Doidy Cup by himself, so picks it up with both hands holding the handles, and brings it to his mouth, tipping it up enough to get water, and tipping again at each mouthful.However, once he’s drunk what he needs, he tends to bang it on the table, so we only tend to offer it rather than leave it for him to pick up and put down freely, but he’s getting better.

We continue to put his food on his tray, though it starts off life on a plate or bowl and then gets moved to the tray, so we do often give him the plate or bowl towards the end of a meal. If it’s something like porridge or soup then he has the bowl from the outset.

He continues to amaze us every day, and not a week goes by that we don’t wonder at why this isn’t the norm for introducing solid food to your baby. I really hope it gets into the mainstream more and more, sadly it’s down to health visitors and if our health visitor is anything to go by then that’s not hopeful. She didn’t even know what BLW was. This is the woman giving advice to parents on weaning/introducing solids. Great.

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Baby-Led Baby at 8 Months

We only get more and more impressed by BLW. At 8 months old, Art will happily eat most things, or at least give them a go. He took a thick Scotch broth directly from the bowl last week, big handfuls of it, and didn’t chuck the bowl around until it was empty! I mean, honestly, eating soup from a bowl by himself at 8 months, that really is impressive.

I’m struggling to think of things he hasn’t eaten to offer him, which is pretty amazing at 8 months old. Oh, the fish pie from the BLW Cookbook was a massive success, we used smoked (undyed) haddock and it really was very tasty.

I always said that I wouldn’t give my child separate meals to us, they will eat what we have or go hungry, none of this making different meals for the family in this house, but I meant when kids are older, not a baby, I never envisaged how successful this was going to be. Love it.

If you’re out there contemplating, stop thinking, just give it a go!

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Giving Baby Strong Flavours

33 Weeks

Although he isn’t a great fan of curried food as such, intense flavours and highly spiced foods are just fine, such as cumin and coriander, fresh ginger and garlic, and even my panch phoran mix seems to go down just fine (recipe to be added).

Last night we had a fennel, mushroom, wild garlic and pea risotto, all of which was tasted (some of which ended up on the floor). Art’s pincer grip is getting much better and peas are much more exciting now, especially when they go whizzing across your tray )

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Lamb shanks

Tonight we had slow-cooked lamb shanks, with lots of garlic, rosemary, thyme and carrots, mushrooms and leek, along with sautéed cabbage and red pepper. It’s funny how baby prefers different things on different days. The red pepper had nothing on the cabbage tonight, whereas it would normally have been top billing! Button mushrooms continue to steel the show though, along with the carrot.

Pudding was a banana and a kiwi, kiwi definitely preferred over the usual top banana! Art is teething at the moment, one tooth through and the other close behind it, but it hasn’t put him off his food, that’s for sure.

He is such a little wriggler, never stops and is desperate to be on the move, I’m not surprised he’s eating so much!

The BLW book has plenty of answers about baby not getting enough food, but what about eating too much? :) I don’t think that’s a problem, but he certainly has a healthy appetite.

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Spaghetti & Meatballs

Tonight we had spaghetti and meatballs with a tomato sauce of tomato, carrot and celery. The first thing to go to Art’s mouth was the spaghetti! He got some in then sucked it up, very funny to watch.

Followed by a banana, most of which he ate!

Yesterday was very impressive, he ate just short of a whole Weetabix, along with fruit. He really is full of beans, and also teething!

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Rice noodles

Tonight we all had a pork stir-fry, and Art ate noodles for the first time! We haven’t offered them for over a week, but previously he wouldn’t even put them to his mouth. Tonight, they went in in fistfuls and chewed. The funniest thing is that he put them in, then sucked up the bits that were dangling out, just like his Daddy.

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Steak and chips

28 weeks

I can’t quite believe that at less than 7 months old, our son is eating a meal of steak, chips, steamed Pak Choi and mushrooms.

For the first time last night he also offered Mummy some to try, and loved it when I did, he thought it was hilarious. He hasn’t realised that we don’t put food in each others mouths then? :)

We are very happy, as is the health visitor, that he is putting on weight, he has moved up several percentiles since starting BLW.

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Veggie goodness

This just gets better and better. Art is only 28 weeks old but he has already tasted more vegetables than some adults I know!

He’s had salmon, tuna, roast beef, steak, roast pork, chicken, pollack and lots more.

He’s had lots of fruit, bananas are a firm favourite, but we are yet to offer him something he hasn’t at least tried. If not on the first time, definitely on the second.

The remarkable thing is how good he seems to be with his hand dexterity in comparison to his peers and less and less ends up on the floor every mealtime.

We had lasagne tonight, with salad of lettuce, cucumber and tomato. Huge success.

In other news, Art seems to have started using the pincer grip tonight!

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Two weeks in and we’re chewing and swallowing

Three weeks today since we started offering Arthur food, though he was poorly for one of those, and we are so pleased that we chose to let him lead his own feeding.

Every day he amazes us more and more with his eating skills, and also his hand co-ordination skills, which is actually what amazes me the most at this stage. If he goes to put something to his mouth but it isn’t the way around he wants it, he brings it back down, swaps hands or uses the other hand to rearrange it, then puts it back to his mouth.

Why don’t more people do baby led weaning?

It would appear that the only reason more Mums are not doing BLW is that they don’t eat healthily enough themselves or don’t cook from scratch for themselves, therefore it seems like a big chore to do baby-led.

We have found it so easy, but we primarily cook our meals from scratch and generally eat a lot of fresh vegetables. I really do think that anyone wanting to have a child who eats healthily should consider BLW. More than anything, it helps you eat more healthily yourself, which has got to have an impact on them, hasn’t it?

Highs and Lows

Top food so far is probably dried apricots, cucumber and celery. Oh, and broccoli.

In fact, he likes most food. Apples, banana, mango, carrot. He wasn’t interested in omelette, some that even hit the window behind him. Unfortunately I forgot until the day after when Art’s Dad asked what it was :)

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Mush and cucumber

A successful day for Art today, and I’m pretty sure he’s actually swallowed some food. Oh, and on that note, turns out he definitely got some carrot in him yesterday judging by his nappy this morning ;)

Lunch : Omelette and cucumber sticks
He didn’t have any breakfast, but for lunch he had watercress, tomato, carrot and onion omelette and cucumber sticks. The cucumber sticks were a huge success and he seemed to enjoy squishing the omelette too.

Makes me realise that he needs his sticks a lot longer than I’ve been making them, perhaps, though with the cucumber (skin left on) being so solid, it was easier for him to keep hold of.

Dinner : Fishcakes with sticks of sweet potato, celeriac, carrot and cucumber
With the exception of some chilli dipping sauce and watercress, we all ate the same dinner tonight.

We had tuna fishauges, which were nice and squishy, alongside nice long sticks of boiled celeriac, sweet potato and carrot, and raw sticks of cucumber and a tomato quartered (with seeds).

Well, he at least tried every single thing, and quite a lot made it into his mouth and it looked like a fair few bits were swallowed too! It’s so interesting watching his ability develop so much at each mealtime. He was taking big squishy handfuls of fishcake and getting it to his mouth, then having a good gnaw on his cucumber and learnt that if he stuck his fingers into the tomato on the seed side, he could get a grip and lift it more easily to his mouth.

What was remarkable was that he was in a very grizzly mood (had been all day) and we expected it not to go very well, it was also a little later than we usually eat, but as soon as the food was put on his tray he was straight onto it and happy as Larry.

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